Trouble In The Tropics

After pretty slow start to the hurricane season, the action has really begun to pick up.  Late last week and this week slow moving Tropical Storm Fay left very heavy rain across Florida.  While the storm never reached hurricane status, it will go down in the books for rainfall totals.  All eyes are on the Caribbean as we watch Tropical Storm Gustav and Hanna.  Gustav will regain hurricane status on Friday as it moves across and near Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.  Hurricane warnings are up for these islands today.  Once the storm moves past the islands it will again be over warm water and strengthen into a hurricane.  It will likely clip the western end of Cuba before emerging into the Gulf Of Mexico.  It may slow it’s forward progression a bit thanks to the same area of high pressure that is giving us our wonderful weather.  Gustav will likely become a Category 3 hurricane and take aim somehwere along the Gulf Coast.  The forecast cone is still quite wide and stretches from the Florida panhandle west to the Texas coast.  The storm should make landfall sometime Monday as a strong hurricane.  Gustav is still a few days away and there is still a great deal of uncertainty in the ultimate track of Gustav.  T.S. Hanna is getting organized and will probably reach hurricane status over the weekend.  There are three additional areas of disturbed weather over the tropical Atlantic Ocean and Ike, Josephine and Kyle may not be far behind.  Lyra O’Brien


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