No 90’s?

The “meterological summer” has come and gone without a 90 degree day in Milwaukee.    True,  autumn technically starts September 22 with autumnal equinox.  But for the purposes of record keeping the National Weather Service counts the months of June, July and August as summer. 

We did get close a couple of times with highs at 88 on June, 15, 16 and 30th.  August 5 came in with an 88, too.  The last time we had a summer with no 90s was 2000 and before that it was 1915!

Everytime the really warm air masses began to move closer, clouds and showers moved in and kept the thermometer from 90.  There was some rain around portion of southern Wisconsin in July, but not much in the Milwaukee area.  Also, our June rain saturated the soil and that helped to keep highs on the cool side for June and early July.  There is a chance we could see a 90 today (Tuesday-September 2) if the sun keeps shining through the afternoon. There are showers in the forecast tonight with a cold front. A chance for some rain and showers later week as some of the moisture from Gustav may move north.

Sally Severson


2 Responses

  1. I’m sick of Mark Baden begging for a 90 degree day. No one I know wants it that hot and if they do they shouldn’t live in Wisconsin. Bring on those 70’s and the majority of us will be very happy.

  2. Dear P. J.,

    Sorry to take so long to respond. I am actually excited about us not getting to 90 degrees this summer. I love talking about the weather and sometimes I get carried away. Thanks for the note.

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