Autumn Begins

Welcome to fall. It certainly does not feel like autumn with the highs around 80 and fairly humid air. The warm air lasts the rest of the week with highs well above the normal highs which are now in the upper 60s. Enjoy the warmth while it is here because you know the long, cold winter is on the way.

It has been another active tornado season in Wisconsin. 38 tornadoes have been reported in the state. The average is 21 per year. Columbia county has had the most this year with six.  Dane county has had five. Dodge and Green Lake counties have had four. This is another example of Wisconsin’s mini tornado alley in the south central part of the state. The most interesting fact of the season is the strongest tornado actually hit on January 4th in Kenosha county. This was only the second known January tornado to hit the state. Thankfully, no deaths have occured this year with all the tornadoes.

Mark Baden


2 Responses

  1. this is not really a response to this blog, but i do have some feedback regarding your weather forecasts. i have always been a channel 12 fan, but have found myself gravitating to Fox, because they consistently include the dewpoints in all facets of their conversation and forecasts. this is really paramount to how the stated temp feels outside and would like to see this included in your weather information.
    thank you for your consideration!

  2. Dear Karen,

    Thanks for your note. We include dewpoints when it is a big part of the forecast, but I certainly understand your point. We will definitely bring this up and possibly include more in web forecasts and on-air as well.

    Mark Baden

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