Memorable Winter Storms

Wisconsin is no stranger to big storms and snowfall amounts through the years have been impressive.  Our last winter was epic with snow totals ranging from 70 inches to 122 inches.  That’s the better part of 200% above normal and ranked 2nd for total amount of snow in a winter season.  Officially, 109 inches of snow fell at Mitchell International last year. 

We thought it might be amusing to have a look back at winters with big storms and big snows.  We don’t have to go back too far for a start.  March 21 of this year brought us 11.5 inches of snow for a day.  The winter of 1978-79 was nothing to sneeeze at.  Plenty of cold and a storm January 12th and 13th brough 14.3 inches of snow.  The winds were up near 40mph and the snow drifts to 8 feet.  Another storm, this one also January 12, but in 1908 Milwaukee picked up 16 inches of snow.  The two biggest winter storms came in 1924 and 1947.  A February 4-5th, 1924 blizzard dumped over 20″ of snow.  The storm people still talk about came in late January of 1947.  A two day blizzard from January 28th through the 30th brought 18 inches of snow.  At the height of the storm, winds were screaming out of the northeast at 25-45mph.  Snow drifted to 15 feet and the city was shut down for days.  It was nearly a week before the streetcars and trolleys were running.

Everyone is casting a wary eye on the winter ahead.  But, it would be VERY unusual to have a repeat performance.  Thank goodness.  Sally and Lyra


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