Crazy Storm

I am not sure if this is going to happen every Sunday, but we seem to be in a pattern of tough forecasts every weekend.

Another winter storm is upon us bringing some areas very heavy snow or some, while near the lake mainly rain fell until after midnight. This is a very difficult forecast because some parts of our area will get less than 2″ when other areas get near 10″. The lake played a huge part in this with the rain near the lake and the higher snow totals inland. The lake temperature is around 40 degrees and that held the temps up near the lakeshore and kept a lot of the early precipitation as a mixture of snow and rain and kept any accumulation from occuring. As the winds shifted more to the north, the lakeshore areas finally got accumulating snow after midnight. One very heavy lake effect band set up from Sheboygan county through Washington county and into northern Waukesha county. Snow totals in this band will be from 6″-9″ by Monday morning. That heavy snow band shifted south and was pelting Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha counties as I am writing this at 12:30 AM Monday morning.

The heavy snow should taper off by 3AM, but light snow and strong winds will make for tough travel into the morning commute. Stay with weather watch 12 for the latest

Mark Baden


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