Progressive Weather Pattern Persists

Winter doesn’t even officially ARRIVE until Sunday!  The solstice comes Sunday, December 21 at 6:04am.  We are pushing 17 inches of snow and more in the forecast this week.  Over the weekend a blizzard roared across the northern plains.  We missed the snow with this one.  After Sunday temps in the 40s and light rain the only effect from the plains storm is the bitter cold air in place for today. A cold front sliced through around 2am and brought a quick hit of snow and sleet.  Temps fell from the mid 20s at midnight to 6 degrees by 6am.  West winds gusted to 46mph in Racine, 41mph at Mitchell, 43mph at Kenosha and 40mph at Waukesha.  Fortunately, the winds will diminish later today.  We are casting a wary eye at the central plains for today.  A disturbance will tap into some Gulf moisture and bring a round of snow in by later Tuesday afternoon.  Good news here is temps will recover into the low 20s, but with that we do get some accumulation for Tuesday evening and overnight.  For  now, it looks like a 3-5″ snowfall with a few locally higher amounts.  It will be a lighter-powdery snow like you would see on a Christmas card.  We are quiet and in the 20s for Wednesday but another storm will take shape in the southwestern U.S. that may impact our weather for Thursday.  At this time it looks like Thursday highs will be in the low to mid 30s.  So, this storm may start as a cold rain and then mix with a change over to snow.  However, as usual the storm track and strength are still uncertain so stay tuned!  Sally Severson


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