In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb?

We are finally in winter’s “fourth quarter” and I’ll do just about anything to look for spring.  Weather folklore is always fun and since March 1 is Sunday, I thought it would be nice to look at the “In like a lion…out like a lamb” thing.  While some weather folklore sayings have some meteorological basis others are more rhymes or local beliefs.  Ages ago some peoples thought weather was influenced by spirits and that bad spirits brought nasty weather and good spirits brough pleasant days.  So, these people were always cautious about what they did or said in certain situations.  These beliefs also included ideas that there was balance in weather.  So, if March started on a stormy note (in like a lion), it would surely end peacefully (out like a lamb).  The problem with March is it is so darn changeable.  Think of the storm that affected us yesterday.  We had Flood Watches, Winter Storm Warning and Winter Weather Advisories.  We experienced heavy rain, thunder, lightning, freezing rain, sleet, wind and wet snow.  March is a transition period for us as we cast away winter and start to see real hints of spring.  It’s one of the hardest months to forecast accurately.  So, I’ll do a bit of wishing for lamb-like weather.  Have a good weekend-Sally


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