Severe Weather Awareness Week

It is that time of year again. Time to think about what to do when severe weather strikes. It has been a very quiet start to the severe weather season in Wisconsin, but our biggest month on average for severe weather is not until June.

The biggest change from the National Weather Service this year is a change in when severe thunderstorm warnings will be issued. The old criteria for a severe thunderstorm was hail of 3/4″ diamater and/or wind gusts in excess of 57 miles per hour. The new criteria changes the hail size to 1″. This may not sound like a big change, but it is something that many of us in the meteorology community have been pushing for. The reason it is important is because it will lead to less warnings being issued. 3/4″ causes little to no damage to property or crops, but 1″ hail is much more likely to cause dings to cars and crop damage. Less warnings will hopefully lead to the public taking the warnings more seriously when they are issued.

You can count on weather watch 12 to always warn you when severe weather is on the way. On the air and on-line. Look for the severe weather page on our web site for more information.

Mark Baden



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