Watch Out For Frost

Happy Mother’s Day! It was not the prettiest Mother’s Day around here, especially near the lake. After a nice morning with very little wind the temperature warmed to 60 by 11:00 AM. Then the lake breeze kicked in and the temps dropped rapidly.

With clearing skies, temperatures are going to get pretty chilly tonight. Many of you may have planted a lot of flowers, etc. this weekend and you may want to cover up the plants. Frost is possible tonight and maybe again on Monday night. Frost is most likely away from Lake Michigan. Air temperatures are not expected to go below freezing, but keep in mind that the official temperature is taken 5 1/2 feet above the ground. The closer you get to the earth’s suface on a clear, calm night the colder the temperature gets. Sometimes, there can be as much as a 5 degree difference closer to the ground. This means that even though the official low temperature may be 36 degrees, it may actually be 31 degrees on the ground. That is why frost is possible with lows expected inland around 35 degrees.

If you have tender plants that are temperature sensitive, you may want to cover them with a sheet or bring potted plants inside.

Mark Baden



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