Snow Totals & The Cold Rushes In

The first big winter storm of the season brought a wide range fo snow totals to southeast Wisconsin Tuesday Evening into early Wednesday. At WeatherWatch 12 we always want to see your snow totals so we can use them on air.

Please feel free to email us at or better yet email any of the Meteorologists. I’m new to the WeatherWatch 12 team, but feel free to drop me an email about anything weather related at

Now onto some of the snow totals across the region.

Downtown Milwaukee 2.0″

Mitchell Airport 2.2″

Mequon 3.0″

Franksville 3.0″

Brown Deer 5.0″

Random Lake 5.0″

Germantown 6.0″

Waterford 6.5″

Burlington 7.5″

Waukesha 7.5″

Sullivan 8.6″

Jackson 8.8″

Cedarburg 9.5″

Richfield 10.3″

Holy Hill 11.5″

Hartford 11.7″

Allenton 12.5″

Madison 12-16″

As more snow falls around the region make sure to check back for updated totals.

Let’s quickly talk about the storm that brought the area the snow, mix, and rain. As expected, last night the snow near the lake turned to rain. This kept snow totals down, but if you look back to the previous blog discussing the storm this was no surpise. The rain changed back to snow around 7am in Downtown Milwaukee on Wednesday. As colder air rushes in today the precipitation should remain snow and there could be some additional accumulation.

This storm has been very impressive and the main area of low pressure was almost right on top of Milwaukee around 7 a.m. As the area of low pressure drifts overhead the winds actually went light to calm in many locations. Once the low moves northeast the wind will increase and the temperatures will begin to drop! Temperatures will sink to the single digits by early Thursday morning with wind chill values likely below zero!

Below is the surface map around 7 a.m. On this map it was 35 degrees at Mitchell Airport with calm winds and light rain. The two dots next to Mitchell Field represent the symbol for light rain. The ‘*’ symbols by Watertown and Madison indicate light snow. The snow extends back into Iowa, so here in southern Wisconsin we will continue to see more snow throughout today.


Many locations in the Midwest are under blizzard warnings. The map clearly shows the very strong winds over parts of Minnesota and Iowa. The winds have been in excess of 40 mph in many areas!

The heaviest of the snow is pretty much done for Milwaukee, but now the second part of the storm will impact the region with some snow, but lots of cold and wind!

Thank you for visiting us on and make sure to watch News 12 all day long for updates on this first Winter Storm of the season!

– Jeremy Nelson


4 Responses

  1. Fond du Lac-14.1″

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing your total! Enjoy your snow day!


  2. Enjoy your snow…wonder what this looks like in Feb? It has been quite awhile to watch a surface low bomb so far inland.

  3. Wow what a storm it was basicly a cat 2 hurricane over land if you look a the pressure, 12″ here in southwest millwalkee

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