Brrrrrrrrrr…It’s Cold!

Good Thursday bloggers! Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog. As I have mentioned in my previous 2 blogs I love talking about the weather so this will be a daily weather blog. Some days the weather will be exciting, and others will be quiet. No matter what the weather is like, we will have lots to discuss whether it is the current weather, or farther down the road, or even in other parts of the country. If you love weather or just want a great read each day please bookmark this blog and share it with your friends, office workers, or family. You can also leave comments in the blog and interact with the weather team. We will do our very best to respond to each of you in a timely manner!

Let’s start by discussing the arctic air that poured into the region last night and continues today. With a fresh snow pack in many locations and clear skies, temperatures took a nose-dive last night. Here are just a handful of the morning lows across the region.

  • Milwaukee Mitchell +1
  • Racine +1
  • Fond du Lac +1
  • West Bend -1
  • Madison -3

The +1 degree morning low in Milwaukee was the coldest reading since last January 25…almost a year ago! The arctic air will continue from today into tonight. Some high temperatures for today may remain in the single digits! With that said it won’t take much for the low to drop to near zero or below again tonight.

Below are forecast temperatures from the NAM, one of our computer models. This first shade of purple shows lows close to 0 near the lake front, and below zero inland.

Some temperature moderation is likely this weekend with highs back into the 20s. There is a slight chance of light snow, but we will discuss that possibility later in the blog and also on WISN 12 News!

Thanks for stopping by and remember we will do our very best to keep the blog updated each day!

Jeremy Nelson


12 Responses

  1. Jeremy, last night in Manhatten, KS, it got down to minus 16F!!!!! Ouch, right?

    • That is pretty cold for MHT! I think we’ll see temps around -10 away from the lake tonight. Then again it is almost 0 already:)


  2. Ouch It’s only twenty-something here. I think 25? Maybe. Not warm enough. I’m counting down to Spring, already, and it’s not even officially Winter yet. =P

    And I made a mistake… it was minus NINETEEN in Manhatten… But when it gets that cold, I don’t think it makes a difference after a certain point… I’m just trying to figure out why the Canadians hate us so much, to send such frigid air. šŸ˜¦

  3. I think its funny more people from KC than in the WISN viewing area are using this blog. šŸ™‚ Great job on getting it going!

  4. You all are lucky to have Jeremy doing your weather and the blog. Our loss is your gain. Jeremy is a great weatherman and a great person! We miss him back in Kansas City but we know he will do a great job bringing you the weather as well as explaining the weather on the blog. It is a great place to learn about weather and I know Jeremy will do a great job brining it to all of you. Tell your friends about the blog and have fun learning about weather!!

  5. Yeah you guys got a good one with Jermey!

    Congrats on getting your new Blog up and running! B/4 you know it you’ll have a storm on your door steps and 4-5 Blogs a day with 200-300 comments on each like we did Tuesday!

    We will miss ya back here, and hope you dont have to many nights sleeping on army cots in the weather center!


  6. Hi Jeremy,
    Nice to see you have your blog active here! Really miss you in KC. How much snow did you end up with in Milwaukee? I have relatives in the Twin Cities and a relative who is an anchor in Green Bay.

    People of Milwaukee,
    You got a fine met in Jeremy! He is awesome. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the kind words. Totals in our viewing area ranged from a dusting to just over a foot! Kind of like the KC viewing area:)


  7. Hi Jeremy!
    It’s miserable cold here, hikes with Windy at 5am are all but unbearable! The snow “crazies” are out in force….I miss my “i hate these cold temps as much as you friend”. I hope all those peeps up there in snow country know just how lucky they are to have you! Take care, stay warm, keep the family safe.
    –deb in paola

    • People like winter too much here for me to complain about the cold. I’ve also been too busy to really notice the cold…although the snow did get my attention. Check out our U-Local page, it has some beautiful weather pics.


  8. Hey Jeremy!

    Nice work getting the blog up and running so quickly! It will be nice to be able to check in on the wx in southern WI as I’m up your way frequently. How hard has in been to learn the new graphics suite? I can only offer you one word of advice about MKE. Don’t assume the roof will be closed at Miller Park even when it’s colder (APR)! LOL, happened to me once! Maybe it was stuck…

    I’ll be curious to hear about the lake effect snows you get there. I only experienced one in MKE when I went to a Bucks game years ago. Got back to MSN and it was almost 70F! What was the rule, 13C spread? I might have to bust out the notes from Tripoli! Do you post the Lake temperature readings in your wx section?

    I’ll try and check in from time-to-time and will be interested in hearing all about WI wx (again)! šŸ˜‰ You’ve given me a reason to pay attention to the wx east of MCI again, LOL!

    • Thanks for dropping by. I think adding the lake temp to the weather page is a good idea.

      There is a pretty steep learning curve to the new graphics computers. After about 10 years of using one company and now learning a new one I’m proof you can teach an old dog new tricks:)


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