Lake-effect right now

First of all big kudos to our new meteorologist, Jeremy Nelson, for getting this blog moving in the right direction. I hope that many of you will find it helpful.

A quick addendum to Jeremy’s earlier post. Light east winds have been just enough to bring us very light lake-effect snow. The delta T’s or difference in air temperature vs. lake temperature are barely enough to support this, but we will have the light lake effect for much of the night. Temps near the lake are about 34 so the snow is not sticking, but the lake effect snow is as far inland as western Waukesha county where it is cold enough (30) to see some minor accumulations. Watch out for a few slippery spots. The good thing is that the roads have been treated with salt the last few days so much of tonight’s and tomorrow’s mix will have a difficult time sticking.  Stay with weather watch 12 and for the latest.

Mark Baden


2 Responses

  1. Hello from KC! Has Jeremy introduced you to the LRC yet?

  2. He has. Being a meteorologist forces me to be skeptical. I will take it with an open mind, but reserving judgement for awhile. Thanks for the note.


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