Weak Monday Storm = Little Snow

Thanks for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog! If you are a football fan, hopefully your team won today!  The Packers and Vikings both won, so everyone in my household was happy.  I grew up in Minnesota, and my wife is from the Milwaukee area so the Packers/Vikings rivalry has provided some fun times over the years.  Alright, enough about football…let’s talk weather!

If you look back at yesterday’s blog I discussed how Monday’s storm would not amount to much for us in Southeast Wisconsin, and that looks more true today.  The one model that has really performed well lately is the NAM.  It took the big storm earlier this week on a more northern track and was correct, and several days ago was advertising a more northern track for our Monday storm too.  The northern track will mean little snow for us, and maybe a little mix precipitation again with air temperatures in the 30s.

Below is the TOTAL precipitation forecast from the NAM for Monday.  Northern Wisconsin which is under a Winter Weather Advisory could see 3-6″ of snow.  A little farther south 1-3″, and in our viewing area anywhere from trace amounts to maybe 1″.  The 1″ would likely stay north-northwest of Milwaukee.

Behind this little storm temperatures will fall back into the 20s for highs and single digits and teens for lows for a couple of days.  No big storms are in sight at this time for the extended forecast.

That’s it for today…make sure to watch News 12 at 5:30 p.m. and at 10 p.m. as Mark Baden will give you the most updated forecast for Monday’s storm and the work week forecast.

Finally, make sure to check back to the blog often for updates.  And please use the comments section to ask the weather team any questions and also leave your weather reports.  This is an interactive blog and your chance to chat about the weather with the Weather Watch 12 Meteorologists!

Jeremy Nelson

Weather Watch 12 Meteorologist


2 Responses

  1. Jeremy, hope you and your family are settling in! I noticed that you said northern Wisconsin might see 3-6 and they are under a WWA (winter weather advisory). If we were to get 3-6 in KC we would be under a winter storm warning. Funny how that goes. It just shows that the people in WI are use to snow while we in KC would like some of your snow!! Take care great blog entry.

    • People are pretty use to snow around here:) So far this season it seems like Milwaukee is getting a lot of mix stuff and not just snow with any of these storms. The big snow the other day was generally west and northwest of Milwaukee. The airport only had 2.2″.

      To add to the fun if you saw Mark’s entry we had a little lake effect tonight. I think forecasting by the Great Lakes is very difficult, but it can also make you a much better forecaster if you learn from your mistakes.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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