Brrr!! is back

The metro area missed out on the snow today. As expected the snow stayed in our northern counties with an inch or two in Sheboygan and Fond du Lac counties. A few flurries flying tonight, but no accumulation.

Temps are tumbling as a strong northwest wind ushers in air that has been sitting in Western Canada for a few days where the temperatures have been ten to twenty below. Not quite that cold around here, but Tuesday night will bring some below zero temps in the areas with a large snowpack. It would be colder tonight, but we still have cloud cover. That will act as a bit of a blanket to keep the temps from falling too much, but Tuesday night will be clear so colder temperatures are likely.  We will have ideal radiational cooling conditions with light winds and clear skies.

Thankfully, the chilly temps don’t stick around too long as we bounce back to 30 on Thursday. Still watching for the potential of some lake-effect snow on Friday as winds turn northeast. Northeast winds bring the best chance of southeastern Wisconsin to get lake-effect as the wind travels over a large part of Lake Michigan picking up moisture as it heads our way. Stay tuned.

Mark Baden


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