Nightmare Before Christmas

A major winter storm with awful timing is set to hit the midwest starting on Wednesday night and not letting up until late Christmas day. This is another very difficult forecast due to the likelihood of rain, freezing rain, and sleet mixing in during part of the storm. The track and timing is not set in stone because the storm is still well over a thousand miles away hitting the Pacific northwest.

If you have travel plans by car on Thursday or Friday, I would recommend trying to change those plans to leave on Wednesday if possible.

This is the GFS model for Christmas morning. It is pretty safe to say this won’t be exactly how the low behaves, but if the position of the low ends up this far north we will have a lot of rain mixing in for much of southeastern Wisconsin. Whenever we have storms like this, there are many factors to consider. These range from position of arctic air, to lake temperatures, to the storm track, to the dewpoint as the storm arrives, etc.

There is a massive amount of moisture available with the coming storm with more than one inch of precipitation likely. What is still uncertain is how much of this precipitation will fall as rain vs. snow.

Please stay tuned to Weather Watch 12 and for the latest.


3 Responses

  1. Again! KC looks to be right on the edge. 😦 I want a 20″+ snowstorm down here!

    • Looks like it is going to be too warm for both of us. I love the snow, but would rather have Christmas off. I’m sure you miss Jeremy in KC. We are lucky to have him.


    • Andrew, hang in there, someday you will get a big snow in KC!

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