First the snow, then the cold

An early happy new year to everyone in southeastern Wisconsin. We are going to begin the new year with some pretty chilly temperatures. First, we have to get through a little light snow tonight.

Before I get to that, I want to say that I hope that all of you have enjoyed our new meteorologist, Jeremy Nelson’s posts. His passion for weather is very evident and he has certainly brought this blog to life. I am very intrigued by the LRC pattern he has written about and look forward to testing its’ accuracy along the way. So far I have been impressed. If you have not seen any of these entries, go back and take a look.

Now, back to our weather. A very unorganized area of snow pushing into Wisconsin will bring with it a small amount of snow for us, but most areas will not even get an inch of snow. There will still be a few slippery spots to watch out for, but overall this is not a big deal. I’ve attached a radar image showing the big gaps in the light snow in our area. The heaviest of the light snow will stay south of us in Chicago.

After the snow passes, the cold air starts to move in. If you are heading out for New Year’s Eve festivities be prepared for the colder air. The temperature at midnight tomorrow night will be around 20 with a wind chill closer to zero with a strong west wind. The winds will be gusty Thursday and Friday. The coldest air will arrive during the day on Friday. If you are one of the people crazy enough to jump into Lake Michigan on Friday be ready for temps around 12 degrees and wind chills below zero. The lows on Friday night will be below zero in many spots, especially where there is still a deeper snow cover. In Milwaukee, we will likely stay above zero, but it will still be very cold.

The above attachment shows the coldest air on Saturday morning at 6AM. This is a forecast from the NAM model that brings our 850 mb temperatures down to -18 degrees Celsius. This will normally equate to below zero temps at the surface depending upon snow cover, sky conditions, and wind.

The cold air will stay with us for much of next week, but no big storms are on the horizon. Thanks for reading.

Mark Baden


2 Responses

  1. MARK>>>> Very nice post. Jeremy sure does have a passion for weather. We enjoyed him while he was in KC.

    The LRC really does exist. Nothing in predicting mother nature is ever going to be 100% accurate but the LRC does a pretty good job in long range forecasting. I call my self a pre-novice in this weather forecasting and understanding how to read all of the tools available in order to predict the weather. I want your viewers to know that the blog is a great place to learn about weather and how to predict it.

    To you and all your viewers we here in KC wish you all a very happy New Year. A note to your viewers do not get intimidated trying to learn and understand the post that are written. If you can read it everyday then you will catch on how to do it to some degree. It can be addicting but it is also fun. You will come away with a great appreciation of knowing how hard it is to be a “weatherman”. Have a great New Year and enjoy the blog!!

  2. Thanks for the note, Ed. Please understand my reluctance into jumping in with both feet for the LRC. Like most of my collegues, I am quite skeptical in most weather theories. I promise to give it a lot of attention and will be a big advocate if I am proven it is a useful tool. Happy New Year!

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