Happy Frigid New Year

Brrr!!! 2010 is greeting us all a little rudely. The cold air has arrived and it looks like it wants to hang around for awhile. Our high on Thursday was 31, but that was pretty deceptive. The high came at 7:00 AM and temps fell for the rest of the day. By 5PM, we were in the teens. Temps will slowly fall tonight  with lows around 8 in the city and zero away from Milwaukee and Lake Michigan. The lake temperature is still in the middle 30s so that helps keep it a little warmer for people who live within a mile or so of the lake. Our temps will not get back to the 20s until Monday.

You here a lot about wind chill this time of year and I want to try to do a better job of explaining exactly what the wind chill is and why we use it. It is not a perfect system, but it is a lot better than it used to be when it exaggerated the “feels-like” temperature considerably. We probably all remember in the 1990s under the old wind chill system when you would hear of wind chills dropping to -60 and -70 in our area. With the newer wind chill, this is almost impossible. Wind chill is a combination of the actual air temperature + the wind speed. This gives an approximate temperature of what it feels like on exposed skin. If you are wearing a good coat, mitten, and scarf, the wind chill will not really effect you. Wind chill does apply to pets, but has no affect on inanimate objects.

I am attaching a wind chill chart to hopefully give you a better understanding. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year.

Mark Baden


6 Responses

  1. Happy New Years! I tried champaigne for the first time ever tonight, and it’s beyond vile… bleh. But I’m still having fun 😀

    Stay safe.

  2. Cold breeds cold. The GFS continues to emphasize a strongly negative AO.

    Bundle up!

    • At least until the middle of the month. I’m waiting on El Nino.

  3. You guys really do a great job blogging!! So does it look like it’ll be a snowy January, or no?

    • Dan, thanks for reading the blog! I’m in MN right now and have some great pictures to share when I’m back on Tuesday. Not much snow for the next week. Make sure to read the forecast I did for January a few days ago.


      • Great, will do.. Thanks! Can’t wait to see those pics 😀

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