A look ahead and back

2010 has started with a winter chill. Temperatures will be very cold all weekend with lows around zero and highs only in the teens. Not much of a warm-up this week. It looks like the first half of the month will be very chilly.

Meteorologist Sally Severson put together a nice look back on the biggest weather events in our area since 2000. Take a look:


My only addition to Sally’s list would be the December 2000 snowfall of 49.5″ Thanks for stopping by.



4 Responses

  1. Jeremy – if you are lurking about, I have had about enough of your quote “smelling polar bears.” Per the GFS, next week is going to be downright rude with temperatures.

    I signed up for the Central Plains/Midwest…not the Arctic Circle.

    This AO phase is unrelenting. Add in a positive PNA and some Greenland blocking and this story isn’t going to end well.

    • I still think by the middle of the month it warms up, now are we talking average or above. With this snowpack probably just average(ish).

      Precip. still looks like all or nothing, with most/all of the chances the last 2 weeks.


  2. Chill out… seriously…

    • Nicole, I think Scott was joking, but speaking of cold check Tuesday’s blog for a great picture.


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