The Worst of the Storm Still Ahead…Updated Snowfall Forecast

***Watch WISN 12 News all afternoon and evening for updates on the winter storm!***

Here is the latest on the winter storm impacting the region.  Winter Storm Warning continue for the region until 6 a.m. on Friday.  Snow will pick up in intensity this afternoon and evening as bands of snow rotate in off from Lake Michigan.  As winds increase this evening blowing and drifting snow will reduce visbilities, especially in open areas.

Here is a list of snow totals thru 1 p.m.  If you have a snow total to share please post it in the comments section of the blog.  We will do our best to include your total on WISN 12 News!

  • Hartford 7.3″
  • Slinger 6.3″
  • Beaver Dam 4.6″
  • Lake Geneva 4.0″
  • Holy Hill 4.0″
  • Merton 2.7″
  • Milwaukee – Mitchell 2.4″
  • New Berlin 3.3″
  • Racine 1.6″

Here is the latest snowfall forecast from Weather Watch 12 along with the counties under the Winter Storm Warning.  Just click on the video to view the updated snowfall forecast from Mark Baden!

If you have pictures of the storm please load them on on the U-Local section.  Also, join our fan page on Facebook: WeatherWatch 12 to stay updated on the storm.

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog and please use extreme caution if you have travel plans across the region.

Jeremy Nelson



12 Responses

  1. Thanks for all the info. Mark and Jeremy You Guys are MY HEROES

    • Dan,

      How much snow where you are at?


  2. Thanks for the info, guys… how bad do you think the morning commute will be? And how bad for West Allis?

    • The morning commute may be pretty difficult, especially in open areas. If you are on the main roads tomorrow morning the crews should take pretty good care of them.


  3. only 3.0 inches in Muskego as of 2pm. We are getting hopped again! All the storms give the north the heaviest snow amounts. This one we were in the highest area but have one of the lowest totals on the ground right now. Hopefully that lake effect band brings us alot!

    • iPhone autocorrected a word… Jipped not hopped. Lol

    • Bryan,

      Thanks for the total…you will see more snow over the next 3-6 hours. Keep us updated.


  4. Hi again,

    The snow total for Oostburg near the lake is now up to 7 inches.


    • Keep em’ coming! We love to hear your snow totals!


  5. Its got the right idea…it should deepen further west and will it phase again?

    Wonder if the northern wave pulls the southern branch further north?

  6. about 8.5 9 here in Mt. West Bend

    • You will keep adding to that with more lake effect pushing in…


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