Updated Snow Totals…Heavy Lake Effect Bands

***Watch WISN 12 News after college football and from 4-7am Friday morning***

Welcome to the Weather Watch 12 blog!  A huge thank you to everyone who has shared snow totals from this storm! For anyone that would like to post a total just leave it in the comments section of the blog.  Any snow totals that we receive in the blog or on our Facebook fan page: WeatherWatch 12 we may use on WISN 12 News.

For much of Thursday the wind was anywhere from the southwest to northwest in the Milwaukee area.  By early evening the wind turned northeast and very heavy snow bands began to push inland.  Below is a surface map at 7:43pm showing the wind out of a northeast direction at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport…the wind was around 10 mph.

On the map above another thing to look at is how the winds pick up to our west.  These stronger winds will create blowing and drifting snow across our region tonight and on Friday as temperatures tumble down into the teens.

Before we see the snow shut off, there are some very heavy lake effect snow bands that will push  through Southeast Wisconsin…mainly before midnight.  This radar image was taken around 8:08pm showing a very intense snow band over Ozaukee and Washington counties.  The snowfall rates in this band were an incredible 2-3″ per hour!  Now that is heavy snow!  The heaviest of the snow bands will continue shifting south as we head into the overnight hours.

The forecast snow total map that was included in the video forecast in the blog entry below is still valid, so check it out.  The highest snow totals will likely fall in the 8-12″ range.

The snow totals as of 7pm look like this:

  • West Bend 10.5″
  • Hartford 9.5″
  • Random Lake 8.0″
  • Slinger 8.0″
  • Fond du Lac 7.0″
  • Oostburg 7.0″
  • Mayville 6.2″
  • Brookfield 4.8″
  • Waukesha 4.5″
  • Oconomowoc 4.2″
  • Pewaukee 4.2″
  • Milwaukee Mitchell Airport 4.0″
  • North Prairie 3.3″

Please share your total in the comments section of the blog.  Thank you for spending time on the Weather Watch 12 blog and make sure to tune into WISN 12 News for the most up-to-date weather information!

Jeremy Nelson


11 Responses

  1. 3.0 more inches in muskego so were up to 6.0 inches here in Muskego… With more lake effect to come!

    • Great report! Give us an update close to the end of the game.


  2. Hey Jeremy!
    I recoreded 7.5″ in West Allis around 9:00. I’ll try to get you one later too. Thanks!

    • Thanks for passing that along! Jeremy

  3. Hi Mark & Jeremy,

    As of 9:30pm Oostburg is registering 9.5 inches of snow.



    • Sue…a nice total. Your snow may be winding down very soon.


  4. Looks like the moisture keeps coming from the lake east of Green Bay. Do you think it’s likely that Milwaukee could see the lake effect snow straight through 5AM? Or is that kind of unlikely?
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    • Once we get past midnight the snow will hug the lake shore area for the most part, before pushing back over the water. If there is snow at 5am, it should just be flurries.


      • Alright, thanks…. Just measured a minute ago and got 9-10″ in West Allis. A little hard to tell w/ all the blowing snow!

  5. 4 more inches in Muskego… total of 10 inches with the storm entirely. Boy did we get a lot of lake effect!

  6. I would say kenosha had total 9.5 to 10 inches of snow

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