Final Snow Totals…Warming Trend Ahead!

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Thank you for spending a few minutes reading the Weather Watch 12 blog.  Yesterday set a record for the most blog hits ever on our weather blog…thank you for trusting us as your source for weather information!

It is time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s on yesterday’s storm and then start to look forward.  The lake effect bands that pushed inland last evening were some of the most intense snowfall rates we’ve seen in Southeast Wisconsin in some time.  The snow really piled up between 7pm and Midnight as the band crossed the area.

Here is a snowfall accumulation map that the National Weather Service put out today.  This map was drawn based on the many snow totals they received from their cooperative network.  This map lines up very well with the dozens of totals we received at WISN.

Remember if you ever have a snow total please feel free to post it in the comments section of this blog, and also on our Facebook fan page…WeatherWatch 12.

Moving into the weekend the winds will ease, but tempeatures will be cold.  Saturday morning will start off in the single digits in most areas.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few spots below zero both Saturday and Sunday mornings if the winds ease enough.  Saturday will be the coldest day with highs mainly in the teens.

Outside of a weak disturbance that could bring the area snow showers or flurries on Monday, the focus for much of next week will be on a very nice warming trend.  There is a chance we could make a run at 40 degrees!  Keep in mind there is all kinds of snow on the ground everywhere in the Midwest, so the snow will act to cool this warm air trying to flood the region.  Still we should put together a few days in the 30s and melt off the snow on most driveways and sidewalks. 

Here is an 850mb temperature map.  850mb is roughly 1500 meters above the ground.  We look at these temperatures often because they are not influenced by snow cover, the Great Lakes, etc.  The shows the potential of how warm it could get.  On this map from the 12Z GFS the arctic air is pushed well to our northeast and the ‘warmer’ colors are headed right toward us on Wednesday of this upcoming week.  Right now I think either Wednesday or Thursday is our best chance to see a high of 40!

Make sure to check back this weekend.  I am going to start discussing what we can expect for the rest of the month and also look back to the forecast that I made for the month of January back around December 29th.  In my opinion the wettest storm of the month is still ahead of us…and I will tell you when I think that will impact the region!

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


4 Responses

  1. Don’t know I’d you got this on the older post but muskego got 10 inches of snow from the storm. Keep up the good forecasting! 🙂

    • Bryan…I’ll try to add your total and show it at 6pm.


  2. Thanks Jeremy! You made my family laugh out loud cuz they didn’t expect it coming!

    • If anyone posts a total we will do our best to use it on-air and give you credit!


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