A Cold Morning…Warmer Days Ahead!

***Watch WISN 12 News Saturday at 5, 6, & 10pm for the latest on the warm-up ahead!***

Thank you for spending part of your weekend with us on the Weather Watch 12 blog!  This blog is meant to be a great learning keep you updated on current and future weather conditions, and hopefully help you learn something new! 

The weather story today was the cold, as expected some inland locations dropped below zero.  The clear skies, lighter winds, and fresh snow created great conditions for what is known as radiational cooling.  This is the loss of any daytime heating to space.  If clouds are in place they act as an insulating blanket, but that was not the case in many areas for part of last night.

Here are some of the lows from Saturday morning:

  • Lone Rock -19
  • Madison -11
  • Fond du Lac -9
  • Waukesha -1
  • West Bend 4
  • Kenosha 4
  • Milwaukee Mitchell 10

On Sunday morning skies should be clear to partly cloudy and winds will again be fairly light.  This means that temperatures will once again bottom out in the single digits above and below zero, with the coldest readings inland.  Here is a tempeature forecast from the 12Z NAM(North American Model) showing the cold around 6am Sunday.

By Sunday afternoon temperatures will climb into the middle 20s, as clouds will be increasing out ahead of our next weak storm.  This storm should bring some light snow or flurries to the region on Monday.  Accumulations look minor at this point.  Likely trace amouns to maybe a half inch of snow.

After we get by Monday the warm-up begins!  Highs should warm into the 30s by Tuesday in many areas, and likely all of Southeast Wisconsin on Wednesday.  If and this is a big if, we avoid cloud cover on Wednesday, we could make a run toward 40 degrees.  Sometimes with a huge snowpack like we have now, low clouds will form due to the melting of the snow and the moisture that results hanging in the atmosphere.  But if we avoid clouds, this should be a very nice warm-up!

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Have a great weekend and make sure to stop by the blog often for updates.  And use our comments section to ask a question or leave your thoughts.  Coming up on Tuesday I will do a special blog talking about the forecast I made for January, and the potential for 2 big storms to move across the United State the last half of January!  One of which I think will hit Milwaukee! 

Jeremy Nelson


6 Responses

  1. Jeremy, by Monday it’s gonna start warming up here, too, with possible 40s by midweek! I’ll bet the really big snow drifts are gonna last until April, though.

    • I can’t wait for the warm up…too bad it is still January!

  2. Are you talking about around the 18th for one of them?

    • There will be a storm around the 16th, but likely staying to our south.

      • Ahh, gotchya.. Thanks for the info!

  3. well, hopefully I get some hours at work (Green Lantern Car Wash) this week!!! Nice Break to finally get some hrs and then we can go back to more snow. wonder how long the snowpack will last dwn here? It would be cool to see it last through March, but I doubt it.

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