January Thaw

As I watch the crazy playoff game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Packers, I’ll try to concentrate enough to give you an informative blog entry. The temperature in Arizona right now is 70 degrees. We are currently 14. We have had about two weeks in a row of cold weather, but a warm-up is on the way. The warm air in Arizona is moving our way, but we are not going to get near 70. Sorry.

Before I get to the warm-up Let’s talk about the chilly air and the impact on Lake Michigan. For the first time this season we have ice forming on the lake outside of the breakwater.

I want to thank the National Weather Service for the picture. MODIS is a type of high-resolution satellite picture. The cool thing to pick up is the light blue color near the shore. This is the ice that has formed in the cold weather the last few days. The ice extends about 5 miles into the lake. Sometimes this will continue to form, but often the ice will break off when the winds become strong and offshore. Look for the possibility of this on Monday.

Now, enough about ice. How about something a little warmer? For the first time since Christmas our temperatures will be heading above freezing. This will happen on Wednesday-Friday. If we did not have snow cover our temperatures would easily get into the 40s, but the snow cover is very extensive right now. There is snow all the way back to Oklahoma.

The above image is the warm air that will be streaming into Wisconsin. This is at a height around 5000 feet above the surface on Wednesday afternoon. It will actually be warmer aloft much of the week than at the surface. Temperatures at the surface will be in the middle to upper 30s. Enjoy the thaw.



2 Responses

  1. This is good news hopefully it will not last too long though:)

  2. Dan, you better enjoying snowmobiling now. It looks like we are going to be in a warm pattern for a long time to come and any precip…next week…will be rain.

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