Weekend Forecast

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The weekend is here!  Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog.  The weather is not very exciting right now, but generally that means nice weather.  That should be the case for this weekend!

Cloudy skies will carry us through tonight, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some patch fog develops.  On Saturday the clouds will give way to some sunshine and highs in the 30s!  If the clearing is slow to occur on Saturday highs would be around 32ish, but I think we’ll see enough sun to push us into the 35-38 degree range.  Winds should be in the 5-15 mph range, so it may be a great day to visit a sledding or ski hill in Southeast Wisconsin!

Below is a surface map showing an area of high pressure just to our southeast at noon on Saturday.  This will provide us with a southwest wind.  Notice the rainy weekend that will be experienced near the Gulf Coast with a large storm system.

For Sunday we may see some clouds move in during the afternoon, but not before we make a serious run toward 40 degrees!  This will likely be our warmest day across the region for about a week.  No big cold snaps are in sight for the next 7 or 8 days. 

Let’s jump ahead and focus on a storm that will impact the region around January 24.  I will repost the January forecast that I made back on December 29 next week based on the LRC(Lezak’s Recurring Cycle).  This is a weather pattern theory that says that the overall weather pattern in the northern hemisphere sets up between October 1 and November 10, and then begins to cycle.  Once the cycle length is identified, accurate long range forecasts can be made.  The forecast that I made stressed that this would be a major storm for our area with anything from rain to sleet to snow.  And our warmest temperature of the month would come in with this storm.

Those thoughts from December 29 are still as we near the 24th timeframe.  Some of our long range models continue to lock onto this storm.  This is not how the storm will look, but a version of this will likely be the outcome.  This would indicate a wet storm with rain for Milwaukee, with an eventual changeover to snow.  This map is from the 18Z GFS valid for early January 24.  Generally anywhere north of the blue line would see snow…that blue line is the 850mb 0C line…the freezing line at 1500 meters above the ground. 

Still lots of time between now and when that storm arrives. 

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog.  You can always keep up with our forecast on Facebook: WeatherWatch 12   I also send out a daily Twitter message!  Have a great weekend and make sure to watch our newscasts for the most updated forecast!

Jeremy Nelson


3 Responses

  1. How about this comparison after your 24th storm?


    • Seems so simple once the pattern is known. I will repost my January forecast sometime this coming week. That storm around the 24th looks pretty wet for Milwaukee. I wonder what will happen with the storm around Super Bowl Sunday on Feb. 7?


  2. Next weekend’s storm is looking very healthy now in the GFS trends. 528dm heights at 500mb and a bombing 980 surface low in the Central Plains. Acts like a Nor’ Easter.

    Would not be surprised with the huge amount of moisture it pulls up and warm air [as it is negatively tilted for some time], if there are some severe weather issues on the front side of it. It looks like it could be convective on the warm side and quite the snow producer on the back side for those areas in the cold air.

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