I’m melting…

We all remember the wicked witch of the west melting away in the Wizard of Oz. I think that is what our snow feels like right now as it continues to melt away this week. This January thaw has lasting power. We will be above normal all week. One week ago almost 60% of the country was covered in snow. Take a look at the picture:

Now get a look at today’s snow cover:

The snow that was covering the Tennessee River valley has disappeared as well as the snow in Missouri and Oklahoma. This is not unusual because snow in these areas rarely sticks around for long, but a 20% drop in a week is pretty significant.

We have a quiet weather week until Saturday when a strong low pressure center bears down on Wisconsin. At this point, the main brunt of the storm looks like rain as the low will travel to the west and north of Milwaukee.

It is a big storm that will bring wind and possibly some heavier rain to our area. The above picture is from today’s noon run of the GFS model. This image is for Sunday morning when the heaviest precipitation will likely be ongoing. We could pick up almost an inch of rain and some areas in Minnesota and the Dakotas could see around a foot of snow. As we always say, stay tuned. The storm is still a long way from us and a deviation in the storm track could change things, but right now this storm does look a lot more wet than white. Eventually colder air will sweep in after the low moves by and that would cool us off enough to see some light snow in our area on Sunday night and Monday. Thanks for reading.



3 Responses

  1. Won’t it be fun to see the storm actually happen? Seems we have been waiting on it forever!

  2. lrcweather,

    Are you sure you are not Jeremy in disguise? I’m certainly intrigued. So far the pattern has been pretty convincing. Thanks for the note.


  3. No more storms! x__________x

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