January Thaw Ends

Fifteen days in a row. That is how long our temperatures have been above average. This, along with the weekend rain, has melted off much of our snow. The fifteen day January thaw was a long one, but we still have a lot of winter to go. It’s always a fine line to please folks in Wisconsin. Many of you like warmer weather in the winter, but there is a large number that also love the winter-time activities that need snow to survive. If you like it colder this forecast will make you happy. The cold looks like it is going to stick around for awhile.

The cold is coming in two waves. The first wave arrives tonight.

The above image is the 850 millibar chart for Tuesday at noon from the NAM model. This is from UW-Madison’s web site. The 850 millibar temps often correlate to what we can expect at the surface. The colder the 850 temps, the colder the surface. On Tuesday afternoon, the 850 temps will be around -10 degrees Celsius for Southeast Wisconsin. This will correlate to a surface temperature, because we will get some sunshine, about 24 degrees.

The second image shows the second wave of cold air. The above image is for midnight on Thursday night. The 850 millibar temperatures will be around -22 degrees Celsius. This will correlate to night-time lows below zero where there is any snow cover left, and low single digit temperatures where there is no snow cover.

No big storms on the immediate horizon. Stay tuned to weather watch 12 for the latest. Thanks for reading the blog.



2 Responses

  1. We all knew our string of milder days would have to come to an end. I, for one, was actually beginning to get a bit of spring fever, it felt like March for the last 10 days or so. On the positive side, January is almost over, so we are at the hump of winter. In February the days begin to noticeably lengthen already.

    • Cliff,

      Time to get use to colder weather again. Thursday/Friday of this week will be a shock to some with highs only in the teens. Once we get past February we begin to turn the corner toward Spring. I think the Brewers pitchers and catchers report in about 2.5-3 weeks, another sign of Spring!


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