Arctic Blast

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Thank you for spending a few minutes with us on the Weather Watch 12 blog!  Stepping out the door this morning was a drastic change as all locations in Southeast Wisconsin dropped into the single digits.  Now the question is how long will the bone-chilling cold stick around?

There is good news and bad news to the cold.  The good news is that the worst of the cold will only last about 2 to maybe 3 days.  The bad news is that we could see the coldest temperature of the entire winter season in Milwaukee by Friday or Saturday morning.  Inland locations will likely dip below zero on these nights.

Now high temperatures during this time will be running a good 10-15 degrees below average.  By Thursday afternoon, some areas may only see highs around 10 degrees!  The map below is a forecast tempeature map for Noon on Thursday.  The dark blue shade across Southeast Wisconsin represents temperatures of 5-10 degrees!  Keep in mind our average high is now around 30 degrees!

The cold air will hang around into the weekend, but beginning Sunday, temperatures will slowly moderate.  By the 1st of February we should see highs back to around average as a clipper system moves in our direction.  This will likely also produce some snow showers.

Here in the United States, specifically Mount Washington in New Hampshire, has held the world record for fastest wind gust ever recorded on Earth since 1934!  But it was determined recently, that another place in the world topped this long standing record.  Below is a picture of Mt. Washington, and below the picture the summary of the old and new wind records.

Mount Washington has lost its distinction as the site of the fastest wind gust ever recorded on Earth, officials at the Mount Washington Observatory said. The concession came after the World Meteorological Organization said on its Web site that a panel of experts reviewing extreme weather and climate data turned up a 253 m.p.h. gust on Barrow Island, Australia, in 1996 during Cyclone Olivia. That tops the 231 m.p.h. recorded atop Mount Washington on April 12, 1934.

I think it is safe to say this these type of gusts would make for a bad hair day!  I can’t even imagine what this type of wind must be like, the strongest wind I ever experienced was around 90mph back in June of 2008 near Salina, KS.

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Jeremy Nelson


5 Responses

  1. Keep up the good work! Jeremy, does the storm early next week look to be a big one at this point? I know a whole lot can change during a week though.

  2. Dan,

    I’ll answer for Jeremy. Next week’s storm…if you can call it that… looks very minor. Little if any accumulation at this point. Thanks for the note.


  3. Dan K,

    Response #2 to you. Latest info: Might get a few inches on Monday into Monday night. Clipper-like system.


  4. Cool, Thanks for the info, Mark!

  5. Thanks for the info. Mark you are my HERO!!

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