Thank you, cold.

It’s not often that we can get excited with cold temperatures, but if you do not like snow you should be thanking the cold air. The cold air is keeping a major winter storm well to our south. Parts of north Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky are going to get slammed with ice and snow. Some areas will get as much as 3/4″ of freezing rain while others could see a foot of snow. These same areas were in the sixties yesterday.

The above image is from the NAM model showing the cold air in place in our area. Cold air is very difficult to displace so instead of this “panhandle” storm hooking toward us, it will stay well south.

There is a good chance that tonight will be our coldest of the season. If we still had snow cover in Milwaukee, I think our temps would go below zero. We will be very close to zero near Lake Michigan, but some inland temps could go as low as -10. Take a look at the lows from this morning:

Most areas were near zero and the low in Milwaukee was 6 degrees. Currently, at 7:00 PM on Thursday night it is 8 degrees in Milwaukee and 3 in Waukesha. The winds are lighter tonight and it is clear so we have good radiational cooling conditions. The good thing is with the light winds we will not have wind chills as low as they were on Thursday morning. The coldest air lasts into Saturday before our temps will finally get back into the twenties. Have a great night and stay warm.



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