Moon Over Milwaukee…Snow Chance

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!  The arctic air that has been gripping the area for the past few days will begin to ease this weekend.  We will discuss milder days ahead in the blog, but let’s start with a beautiful sight that everyone should be able to enjoy tonight. 

The full moon will be the biggest and brightest this entire year tonight!  It will be 14% bigger and 30% brighter due to the timing and proximity of the Moon’s orbit, in relation to that of Earth.  I encourage everyone to bundle up and step outside for a few minutes to enjoy this great sight.  If you take a picture, feel free to email it to me at and I will include a picture in our blog on Saturday.  You can always upload you weather photos to our U-Local section on

Before we discuss the weather for the weekend, I want to share a high resolution picture from the NWS.  This photo highlights a couple of features.  First, the ice that has accumulated on Lake Michigan near Milwaukee extending to Kenosha.  Also, the very thin white line in northern Wisconsin.  This is where a torndo knocked down and uprooted trees leaving a clear path.  That path is now covered with snow, and is detected by the visible satellite.  This picture was taken on Thursday, January 28.

Heading into the weekend temperatures will moderate slightly, with highs back into the 20s.  Both Saturday and Sunday look quiet, with a little more in the way of sun on Saturday.  Our next chance of light snow heads in our direction on Monday.  This is a clipper system that I discussed when I made the long range February forecast earlier this week.  This clipper could bring some light snow accumulation to southern Wisconsin.

Below is the total precipitation forecast from the 18Z GFS.  Keep in mind this is just one computer model we use.  But this would put about 1-3″ in the darker shaded area.  Other models have that shaded area right over ALL of Southeast Wisconsin.

In Milwaukee we are really overdue for snow.  It has been 23 days since our last 1″ snowfall!  Hang in there snow lovers…I think February will present a few chances for snow.

That’s it fo now…if you ever have a weather question please leave it in the comments section of the blog!  Have a great weekend!

Jeremy Nelson


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