Monday-Tuesday Snow Chance

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I hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Thank you for spending a few minutes with us on the Weather Watch 12 blog. Today we will go over our next good snow chance for late Monday and into Tuesday.

Before we discuss the snow chance I encourage everyone to look a few blog entries below this one to read our February forecast that was issued this past Tuesday, January 26.  If you are curious, I use a weather pattern theory known as the LRC to help make the long range weather forecasts.  The last long range forecast I made for Southeast Wisconsin was back on December 29.  This is how I was forecasting the last week of January.  The storm I was forecasting was the one that occurred and brought the area rain last weekend, and of course our temperatures have been in the deep freeze for a few days.

This storm should be followed by a push of arctic air that likely will end the month cold.

So January is ending cold as expected, and February will greet us with a chance of snow.

Let’s look more at the timing and possible snow chances for late Monday-Tuesday.  A clipper system will push into the Midwest Monday Night and Tuesday.  This will help to create an area of light snow.  The light snow should reach Southeast Wisconsin either late Monday afternoon, or Monday evening.  Once the snow begins it should snow for at least 12-18 hours.  The snow will be light, but averaging out the forecast snow totals, puts our area in a general 1-3″ snow band.

Below is the 18Z NAM total precipitation forecast from Monday thru Tuesday.  This would put Milwaukee in the 1-3″ snow band, with a heavier 3-5″ snow over parts of Iowa.  If Milwaukee does pick up 1″ or more of snow, it would be the first 1″ snow since January 7!  Pretty remarkable since this recent ‘dry’ period is generally our snowiest each year!

The forecast will likely shift around some, so make sure to catch the most updated forecast on WISN 12 News.  We have the most weekend news of any station in Milwaukee, so you can trust that we will keep you updated now and in the future!

If you haven’t already, make sure to join us on Facebook: WeatherWatch 12   Also, you can follow our updates on Twitter.  And best of all, you can always post your thoughts and questions in the comments section of this blog.  Mark and I would love to chat about the weather!

Jeremy Nelson


4 Responses

  1. Jeremy,

    After this clipper system moves on through, will there be any bigger storms on the horizon?



    • Bryan,

      I’m anticipating something around Feb. 7-10. The long range models don’t show anything yet, but we are still quite a ways off from that timeframe. I do think we see 1-2 ‘bigger’ storm during February.


  2. Someone what to pick the midrange AO trend off the floor?

    • What’s your take on the 7-10 timeframe? The pieces are there, but looking disorganized at this point.


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