Wimpy Storm Awaits

Hello, all. I am sure you have all enjoyed Jeremy’s blogs for the last five days and learning more about the LRC. I am learning along with the rest of you, but giving myself a full winter season before weighing in. I will say it has performed pretty well so far this winter. Better than I ever would have thought for a relatively unknown theory. If you have no idea what I am talking about, take a look back at some of the previous posts.

Now on to our current weather. As the title of this blog states, not a whole lot to worry about with the next little system. I’m going to show you three different computer models and how they come up with a pretty consistent amount of precipitation for these little system that arrives on Monday night and continues until midday on Tuesday. The first model is the 12z or 6AM run of the GFS:

On the GFS, there is only about .10″ of liquid for this system. Now the 18z or noon run of the NAM model:

Note the similarities between the two models. Finally, check out our NAM model from the noon run:

The RPM is a higher resolution model and gives a general 1″-2″ snow forecast for the area. It is not too often that all of these models agree, but I feel pretty confident with a 1″-2″ forecast for our area. This will be a fluffy snow that you may be able to brush off with a broom instead of shovelling. Have a great day.



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