Awesome Ice

It is very rare for Lake Michigan to get completely ice-covered. It has only happened approximately four times in the last 150 years. So far this season, ice has formed along the shore out to about three or four miles into Lake Michigan. This usually occurs during January and February when the lake temperature is at its coldest. Most of the time when the ice forms a westerly wind will dislodge the ice and push it out into the middle of the lake where it melts. This occurred on Sunday in southeastern Wisconsin.

The first image below is from Saturday showing the ice just forming along the shore.

I love how the scar from the F3 tornado in 2007 is still visible where the thousands of trees were knocked down. The next image is the ice breaking off on Sunday.

I want to thank the National Weather Service for the pictures. A little more ice has formed along the shore again today, but it is not visible from satellites because of all of our cloud cover.

As for our weather, for the first time since January 7th, we are going to pick up more than an inch of snow. The light snow will move in late this evening and continue until about noon on Tuesday. Tuesday morning’s commute will be slippery with the light fluffy snow. Total accumulation will be around 1″-2″. Have a great day and thanks for reading.



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