Snow Totals & A Look Ahead

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog! Outside of flurries, the accumulating snow is now done. If you have a snow total and would like to share it please post it to the comments section of this blog. We always do our best to share your totals on WISN News.

The light snow that fell overnight and into this morning totaled about 1 to 2 inches most locations.  Officially, Milwaukee picked up 1.5″ of snow.  This was the first 1″ snow since January 7!  Here is a list if snow totals from around the area.

  • Horicon 3.0″
  • Oostburg 2.5″
  • Watertown 2.3″
  • Pewaukee 2.2″
  • East Troy 2.0″
  • Hartland 2.0″
  • Waterloo 2.0″
  • Mequon 2.0″

The light snow has ended, and about all that was left as of mid-afternoon were a few flurries. The radar is what we use to detect snow, rain, sleet, etc. Satellites are generally used to show clouds. A visible satellite not only shows clouds, but also many other features. I’m sure most people have heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. The visible satellite from Tuesday afternoon fits into that category. I labeled a few of the features of note. The greyish color over our area was clouds cover. The white colors over southern and western Minnesota is not clouds, but snow that is on the ground. Notice the unfrozen rivers that cut through the snow, in particular the Minnesota River. Also, down to the south around Kansas City the snow is now gone, so what is showing up is bare ground! If you have questions about how to read the satellite, just leave your question in the comments section.

The rest of the week will be relatively quiet, but a storm sliding to our south on Friday could bring us some light snow late Friday or Friday Night. At this point the bulk of the storm should miss us to the south, but we’ll keep tabs on this through the week.

Don’t forget if you have a snow total, please post it in the comments section of the blog. Also, you can always join us on Facebook at WeatherWatch 12

Have a great day and make sure to watch WISN 12 News for the most up-to-date weather information.

Jeremy Nelson


7 Responses

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    In Oostburg we had a snow total of 2.5 inches.



    • Sue,

      Thank you for the total!


  2. Hi Jeremy,

    My husband just remeasured the snow total and in Oostburg it is now up to 3.25 inches. I measured around 2:00pm and he just did around 5:00pm.



    • Thanks for the update…


  3. Measured 2.5 inches in Sheboygan.

    • Robert,

      Thanks for sharing your total and stopping by the blog!


  4. Good morning from Lomira/Brownsville area. Considering this was a 24 hour snow event, the snow was so light we had only 2 inches here. Looking forward to the sun coming out to melt it. If this had been a heavier snow for 24 hours we would have some real digging out to do.

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