Snowstorm On The Way

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone. While all of you enjoy the game, I’ll be watching the computer models. It’s my own type of super bowl.

It has been exactly one month since our last large snowstorm. We are a bit overdue for a snowstorm so it is time to get ready for a long-duration snow. There may be some light snow showers or flurries on Monday, but the accumulating snow should start around midnight on Monday night and the snow will continue all the way until about dawn on Wednesday morning. The snow will most likely not be that heavy, but it will last so long it will certainly add up. The highest totals will be within about 20 miles of Lake Michigan where the lake will add another 2″-4″ to the totals. A winter storm watch has been issued by the National Weather Service. As the snow begins on Monday night and much of Tuesday, the winds will be fairly light. As we head into Tuesday night the wind will pick up and that will blow around this light and fluffy snow. As expected, the computer models are not in complete agreement, but are fairly close.

The above image is the noon run of the NAM model. The above image shows the accumulated precipitation. The dark blue = .50″ to .75″ of melted snow.

The noon run of the GFS is pretty similar with most of SE Wisconsin under the area of heaviest precipitation.

The above image is our high-resolution RPM model which really picks up on the lake-enhancement. One of the questions that remains in my mind is how far inland the lake-enhanced snow will go. I believe it will probably make it all the way to Waukesha and West Bend.

Please stay tuned for the latest on WISN 12 at 5:30 PM and 10:00 PM tonight. There will be updates on Facebook and Twitter as well. Thanks for reading.



2 Responses

  1. Looking forward to the big snow tonight and tomorrow. Do you think we will see any of the lake effect snow up here in the Lomira/Brownsville area? I read in your blog that it could get as far west as West Bend. We’re just north of there.
    My brother sent me a link to his youtube video of the D.C. storm filmed at his house if you want to view it. Glad I don’t have to shovel that much snow.

    Here’s the link:

    • Cliff,

      The lake enhanced snow will push well inland. The lake effect will depend on the wind direction and strength. If DC can handle 2 feet of snow…this snow should be nothing for Southeast Wisconsin:)


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