Afternoon Snowstorm Update – Snow Totals

***Watch WISN 12 News today at 5, 6, & 10pm for radar updates and snow totals!***

Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog. Several of you have posted snow totals today and we want to say thank you! If you have a total please post to the comments section of the blog and we will do our best to use you total on WISN 12 News!

Here is an update on the snow and what is still ahead for this evening and tonight.  Winds will gradually switch to a northeast direction and northerly direction overnight.  The map below is from our in-house high resolution computer model…the RPM.  It continues to indicate that at 7pm this evening a northeast to north wind will continue to push lake effect snow bands across Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha Counties.  Inland areas will still see some light snow, but the heaviest bands will reside closer to Lake Michigan.

The heavier lake effect snow bands appear as green on the radar.  This image was taken shortly after 2pm.  More of these heavier bands will rotate in off from Lake Michigan later in the afternoon and early this evening.  Along with the snow, winds will increase and gust to over 30mph this evening and tonight causing blowing and drifting snow.

Here are some of the snow totals as of 2pm:

  • Brookfield 7.0″
  • Plymouth 6.6″
  • Franksville 6.5″
  • Pewaukee 6.0″
  • Waukesha 6.0″
  • Jackson 6.0″
  • Hartland 5.0″
  • Sheboygan 5.0″
  • West Allis 4.8″
  • Fond du Lac 4.0″
  • Brownsville  3-4″

We will continue to update the snow totals throughout the rest of today and this evening.  Make sure to check back to the blog often and also on our Facebook page…WeatherWatch 12

For the very latest radar updates make sure to check out our Interactive Radar on and also watch WISN 12 News today at 5, 6, & 10pm!

Jeremy Nelson


26 Responses

  1. Jeremy,

    Muskego has about 6.5 inches of snow as of 2:40pm. Heavy lake effect band moving in!

  2. Walworth has about 4 inches.

    • Brock,

      Thanks for the total…keep us updated.


  3. What about the airport as a constant measurement when it snows, rains etc.

    • Sam,

      The snow is only measured at the airport every 6 hours…that is why I like to use totals from people that are measuing every hour or so. We make sure to include the airport total when ever it is new and fresh. The latest total from the airport was 4.9″ at noon.


  4. Looks like quite a nice storm per the LSRs I am reading. Enjoy! I was researching today the current/upcoming AO trend. We thought December was strong….

  5. union grove wi at 3:20 p.m has 6 ” on the ground

    • Kat,

      Great…keep us updated this evening.


  6. Hi Jeremy,

    Me again. I just got in from snowblowing and Oostburg now has 7 inches of snow. I got in around 4:15.


    • Thanks Sue…have a nice evening. Jeremy

  7. WISN-TV 12 weathercenter.

    Hello from dane county/Madison wi. My snowfall total since 12 am tues morning had been 5.0″ the water equivelent of this snow event has been 0.30″

    4pm snow depth is 11.0″ at my location . An updated snowfall total around 9pm this evening

    • Aric,

      Thanks for keeping us updated.


  8. Lomira/Brownsville area in northern Dodge county has about 4 inches and it has pretty much stopped snowing here for some time already. It is 5:00 P.M.

  9. We got about 7 inches up here in Sheboygan. Near-blizzard conditions right next to the lake.

    • Great update…the winds are over 20mph in most spots now…at least the gusts.


  10. We have 13″ on our table on the back deck in Elkhart Lake, the table had been cleaned off by my son over the weekend. Way more than the 7″ being reported in Plymouth.

  11. Hi Again,

    Just came in from snowblowing a 3rd time and Oostburg is now up to 8.5 inches.


  12. i measured at my home in muskego we got 12in. of snow so far from this storm

  13. Just measured in Brookfield: 8.2-10″ in different places.

    • Emmie…thanks for the total. Your accumulating snow will taper off in the next couple hours. Pass along another total around 9pm and we’ll get you on the 10pm news.


      • 9pm Brookfield Update: 9-11″

      • We loaded your total…watch at 10! Jeremy

  14. Hi Jeremy,

    Fon the last time tonight the snow total in Oostburg is up to 11 inches.

    Have a great rest of the night.


  15. Hi,
    Just wanted to make sure you saw the 9pm Brookfield update of 9-11″. Will this be on the 10pm news, too?

    • Emmie, my reply was for you since we got your 6pm total too late. Jeremy

  16. Our daugter enjoyed measuring the snow. Her dog enjoyed romping around in it, “helping” her. We watched the news and heard her name. What fun! Here’s hoping for a snow day tomorrow!

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