Snow Continues…Wind Increases…Snow Totals

***Watch WISN 12 News tonight at 6 & 10pm for the latest on the Winter Storm!***

Our biggest winter storm this winter continues. During WISN 12 News at 5pm I did a live shot outside our studios talking about snow totals and how you can stay updated with our forecasts on the Blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Right before that shot I took a quick picture of Wells St. This isn’t too far from Downtown…so if you are venturing out, this is what the roads look like in the Downtown area.

The wind increased late this afternoon in Milwaukee with wind gusts now approaching 30mph in many locations. The wind direction which is a key to how long the snow continues…is beginning to shift from a northeast to a northerly direction inland. The map below is a surface map from just after 5pm which shows many things…but the key here is wind direction and strength. The wind direction in Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Sheboygan are all out of the northeast which support lake effect snow. The winds inland, around West Bend and Watertown have shifted to the north. Once the winds turn to the north along the lakeshore, the lake effect snow will come to an end.

The snow will likely continue for the next several hours at a good clip near the lake. Inland…the snow will gradually taper off later this evening. The wind however, will not ease up. Wind sustained at 15-25mph will continue tonight and into the first half of Wednesday. Wind gusts could top 35mph in spots. This will lead to considerable blowing and drifting snow in open areas.

The blowing snow that is now occurring will make measuring the snow a challenge. Here are some of the totals we have received:

  • Waukesha 10.0″
  • Holy Hill 9.6″
  • Jackson 9.0″
  • Waukesha 9.0″
  • Sheboygan 8.5″
  • Oostburg 8.5″
  • Cedarburg 8.5″
  • Raymond 8.5″
  • Port Washington 8.0″
  • Franksville 7.5″
  • Milwaukee Mitchell 7.3″
  • Sheboygan 7.0″
  • Racine 7.0″
  • Milwaukee TIMM 7.0″
  • Brown Deer 6.0″
  • Lomira 4.0″

Make sure to watch WISN 12 News for the latest, and please continue to post your snow totals to the blog! We love to show your totals on WISN 12 News!

Jeremy Nelson


19 Responses

  1. Prelim 8.5″ 0547 PM HEAVY LAKE ENHANCED SNOW 1 NE HARTFORD 43.33N 88.37W 02/09/2010M8.5 INCH VIS Less than .25 mile at times. Snow has decreased since observation WASHINGTON WI TRAINED SPOTTER ~Jake

  2. Current snow total – Town of Waukesha 10″

    Hi Jeremy

    • Steve…thanks for the snow total! We’ll pass it along.


  3. UPDATED SNOW TOTAL IN SHEBOYGAN. As of 6 PM, 8.5 inches of snow accumulation.

    • Robert…thanks for passing that along! If you have a final total before 10 please share it.


  4. Is there any ice storms soon jeremy 😉

    • For Milwaukee…I would say no.


  5. Jeremy,

    Here’s an updated snow total for Muskego.

    As of 8pm, we have recieved 10.5 inches.

    Great storm coverage today!


    • Bryan,

      Thanks for the total and for watching WISN!


  6. I would just like to re-update the Raymond snow total, as of 8:30 we have 10.5″. I will try to get an updated snow total before the 10 pm news!

  7. I would like to update the Raymond snow total. As of 8:30, 10.5″ of snow has falen, i will try to get a more updated total by 10pm news

    • Thanks, Kevin. I’m sure it is still coming down pretty good.


  8. The 10pm update is up to 11.5″ and still coming down!!

    • Kevin,
      I’ll add your total to the master list I put in the blog on Wednesday.


  9. Kenosha snow update. For some reason, we’ve received very little coverage today.

    13.2″ as of 11:25 pm.
    6 mi NW of Kenosha (Kenosha Municipal Airport), reported by trained spotter (Source:

    Same spotter had reported 10.5″ as of 7:30 pm, final lake-effect band has pushed through.

    Season total: 34.7″

    • Brian,
      In the future please post your total to the blog. We first use totals that viewers post here or email us. Thanks. Jeremy

  10. Snow total here in Lomira/Brownsville area in northern Dodge county is 5.6″. After checking the channel 12 radar yesterday afternoon, saw that there was a dry cell that kept rotating around our area. Cut down our snow totals here.

  11. Here in Town of Brookfield I measured 12.4inches as of approx 10pm last night.

  12. Hi Jeremy-
    I live in Town of Brookfield and had gotten 12.4 inches by 10pm last night.

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