Watch Out For Slippery Spots

Not a lot of snow moving through, but just enough may fall to make it slippery this evening. So far today, the snow has melted on contact with the road even though the temps are below freezing. This happens because enough solar radiation is still getting through the clouds to warm the road surfaces. After the sun starts to set there is a good chance that the snow will start to stick and this can often be quite slippery. The roads will be wet with the melting and as the light snow continues to fall a thin layer of ice may form as the snow begins to stick with darkness setting in. I’m only expecting a 1/2 inch of snow with most of the snow done by midnight. Not a lot of snow, but be careful on the roads.

Now an update to Sunday’s blog. Originally, it was thought that 49 states had some snow cover on Friday, February 12th. Thanks to a dedicated group of graduate students in Hawaii, we can now confirm that all 50 states had some snow on the ground.

Take a look at the blog from one of the students. I want to thank Rusty Kapela at the National Weather Service for passing this along. The picture below is from Mauna Kea. The highest spot in Hawaii. You can see four small areas of snow that were found on February 12th. Snow on Mauna Kea is not that unusual. This tiny amount makes it a clean sweep for all 50 states. We don’t know if this has ever happened before in the last 100 years.

After the light snow tonight, our weather is pretty quiet for the rest of the week. We may actually get above freezing on Thursday and Friday before cooling back down into the 20s for the weekend. Have a great day and thanks for reading the blog.



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