Weekend Snow Chances

***Watch WISN 12 News at 5, 6, & 10pm for the latest on snow chances!***

Thank you for reading the Weather Watch 12 blog.  If you are new to the blog this is Milwaukee’s home for in-depth weather discussion and analysis.  Each day we strive to give you the insight to our thinking in regards to the forecast.  We also provide you the blogger a chance to share your ideas, thoughts, and questions in our comments section.  This is an interactive blog and is for open to anyone with an interest in weather!

If you missed yesterday’s blog entry I encourage you to read through it after this entry.  In Tuesday’s blog I reintroduced a weather pattern theory that we use for long range weather forecasting and also showed how our current weather pattern is directly related to the one back in December and October.

Today we will begin to look ahead to the weekend, and our next chance of snow.  Each day when we make a forecast we use various computer models as guidance.  Needless to say, those computer models have been all over the place recently when it comes to snow chances for this upcoming weekend and into early next week. 

The first chance of snow this weekend may near Wisconsin with a weak disturbance early Saturday.  Some models have this missing our area all together, and some have it grazing areas near the Wisconsin/Illinois border.  

Below is a surface map from the 12Z NAM.  This shows an area of green(light snow) from basically the Wisconsin/Illinois border south into the Mississippi Valley.  If this trends just a little farther north we could see some light snow on Saturday.  

Our in-house high resolution computer model also keeps this weak storm to the south.  This particular model shows no snow in Southeast Wisconsin.  The accumulating snow barely reaches the south side of Chicago. 

On the heels of this weak storm, a little more potent storm will move into the Midwest late in the weekend.  This storm should be watched closely as it may stand a little better chance of bringing some snow to our area.  As of now though, it appears that most of the snow would miss us to the south.  Below is a surface map for midnight heading into Monday morning.  This shows a large area of precipitation, but again, staying just south of Wisconsin.

That is the latest on the possibility of snow this weekend.  Throughout the day and night we get more data into our forecast center.  For the most up-to-date weather information make sure to watch WISN 12 News at 5, 6, & 10pm.  You can also get our forecasts on Facebook at WeatherWatch 12

Have a great day and make sure to tell your friends and family about our weather blog!

Jeremy Nelson


2 Responses

  1. Pretty close on your monthly forecast here Jeremy. You mentioned some light snow around Wisconsin on the 21st and the big storm for the 23rd. Well the storms are a day ahead of schedule and as of now a little south, but they are indeed there. Doesn’t look like we’re going to get that warmest reading, although we only have to get to 36 to technically achieve it.

    • Daniel,

      The overall pattern is cycling and repeating. The exact path of each storm and where it tracks likely will be different than December. But right now I’m looking back to this part of the pattern in October and seeing this cycle is resembling the October version more so than December. The storms are there…let’s see if any hit us. I’ll do more updates related to the pattern in the blog within the next week.


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