Snow Totals…Not Very Impressive

The snow totals are in from our little storm last night. The heaviest snow stayed to our south and this storm moved very quickly. The accumulating snow fell from about 10PM Sunday night to 7AM Monday morning. You may have heard some wild totals that were forecasted for this storm, but you did not see any of that here.

The above map is the totals from trained weather spotters around SE Wisconsin. Officially here are some of the totals:




MEQUON: 2.2″


RACINE: 2.1″





Cooler temperatures are set to arrive on Tuesday and with the cooler temps will come some snow showers starting Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning. This could add up to an inch after is all is said and done, but the bigger story will be the chilly temps. Highs will only be in the middle 20s on Wednesday and Thursday. This is 10 degrees cooler than average. Our average high is now up to 35 degrees.

The above image is our in-house computer model showing the snow totals of around one inch for the snow showers on Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night.

It has been a strange winter in that after December 1st when we hit a high of 51 degrees, the warmest temperature has been 43 degrees on January 24th. The coldest temperature so far this winter in Milwaukee has been one degree on December 10th. On average in Milwaukee, we usually get 10 days below zero each winter. That will clearly not happen this winter.

Thanks for reading the blog and have a great day. Enjoy the pretty snow that was wet enough to stick to everything.



2 Responses

  1. The storm may have been unimpresive, but the forecasting was very impressive. You all were right on it once again. The other stations were, as usual, calling for the world to just about end with lots of deep snow. Lyra and Sally called it correctly. That’s why I watch 12!

    • Linda,

      Thank you for the kind words and for watching WISN! Please share the blog with all your friends and family.


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