Lake-effect surprise

Good evening, everyone. Many of you are probably just getting back in from shovelling the lake-effect snow. Last night, I had a forecast of .5″-1.5″ of snow for today. Clearly, I missed something. That something was the amount and intensity of lake-effect snow. Even though the winds throughout the day at the surface were northwest. Just above the surface the winds were northeast. This is difficult to pick up on in forecasting and I clearly missed it last night. Until today’s forecast, I had felt pretty good about our overall winter forecasting this season. Mother nature has a way of keeping you humble.

Here are some of the latest snow totals:

Downtown Milwaukee: 5″

West Allis: 4.6″

Whitefish Bay: 4.5″

Shorewood: 4.5″

Mitchell International: 2.4″

Franksville: 2.5″

Cambellsport: 3″

Lomira: 3.4″

If you have any other totals send them our way.

The snow is not quite done yet in Racine and Kenosha counties. They may pick up another 1″ in the next hour or two before the snow tapers off by 10pm. Thanks for reading.



7 Responses

  1. It’s just mother nature making the snow lovers happy from the dud storm this past monday. 😉 I did read something that a meso-low formed, which created this snow event. What is that?

  2. Mark,

    Muskego recieved 4″ of snow today. Thanks!

  3. Meso-lows often form over the lake. It is a miniature low that can enhance snowfall. Thanks for the snow total.


  4. One humble moment will buy you more goodwill than two nailed forecasts. You all have done well so far this winter, from what I can tell from the blog. Lake effects can be tough, especially when the surface winds are counter to what is most expected.

  5. Thanks, LRC. You never stop learning with weather. A perfect example would be the lrc.


  6. Kenosha, WI Around 5 :45pm Yesterday the snow started to fall very heavy. The vis was less than 3/4 mi at 6pm.
    The snow continued as seen on radar. The buses where about 40 mins late by 7pm. The totals measured of new snowfall from this storm was 4.8″ in Downtown Kenosha.

    I measure Snow the old Fashion way with a rulers and a 10 X 10 Boxed area. Also I take a survey with a ruler around the neighborhood. I have an automated prec Bucket . But, it melts the snow and I get the water eqv. I think the ruler is more accurate especially when snow can by 6 by 10 or 4 by 10 . Meaning more water per flake or less water per flake. The wet snow has more water as compared to the drier snow. Anyway I blogged allot of stuff hopefully it is helpfull.

    • Ed,

      Thanks for the detailed report. The snow burst was very intense yesterday!


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