Quick Bursts of Snow

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog. As expected, areas of snow are working their way through Southeast Wisconsin today. Some of the snow showers developed as lake effect snow bands and have pushed inland. These snow bands are the most intense and could provide a very quick half inch to maybe 2-3 inches or more of snow. Visibilities will also be reduced for a time in these intense snow showers.

If you would like to track the snow right down to where you live make sure to check out our interactive radar at


Snow totals from the narrow heavy bands of snow as of Noon included:

  • Lomira/Brownsville 3.4″
  • Campbellsport 3.0″
  • Fond du Lac 2.0″-3.0″
  • Milwaukee dusting of snow

Please post your snow totals to the comments section of the blog. We will share them on WISN 12 News! Let’s take a look at a couple of radar images and look ahead to the rest of today. The first radar image was from around 9:30am from the Milwaukee/Sullivan radar. The city of Milwaukee is labeled with a ‘*’. One band of moderate to at times heavy snow was located from east-central Fond du Lac county south through extreme western Washington county. This snow band could drop a quick half inch to one inch of snow. It was drifting to the south-southwest. As it moves farther inland it will continue to weaken.

As our Alberta Clipper continues to push by the wind direction will play a huge role in a heavy band of lake effect snow and where it moves. Below is the Green Bay radar from around 9:30am. The city of Green Bay is highlighted by a ‘*’. This image shows the same band of snow extending into Fond du Lac county, but really of note is the HEAVY snow over the northwest part of Lake Michigan. This band will continue to push southwest. The big question is will it reach Southeast Wisconsin?

To answer that question we need to take a look at the winds. Remember…for Milwaukee to get lake effect snow bands the wind must be northeast or north-northeast. As this weak Clipper moves by today the wind will turn to the northwest. This is already beginning to happen. So this heavy snow band will have a race against the shifting winds to see if it can reach areas from Sheboygan to Milwaukee or Racine.

Here is the surface map, notice the winds are northeast on the EAST side of Lake Michigan, but in Milwaukee the wind is north-northwest. If you are wondering Milwaukee is the city identified by ‘MKE’.

I think most of Southeast Wisconsin will see snow showers today, some of those bands will contain a period of moderate to heavy snow. Areas that get under the heavy snow could pick up a quick 2-3″+ of snow. While areas that are just grazed or see a weak snow shower will only pick up a dusting to half inch. Use caution traveling around the area today because visibility may be just fine, and then is quickly reduced as you enter a burst of snow.

For more updates today check out WeatherWatch 12 on Facebook at WeatherWatch 12 More updates are also available on Twitter!

Again, our interactive radar is the best way to track the bands of snow today. This is a neat feature and it is free!


Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


4 Responses

  1. Greetings from snowy northern Dodge County near Lomira/Brownsville. I just finished shoveling in front of the garage at 12:10 P.M. and we have 3.4″ of snow so far. It is still snowing, but not as heavy as it was earlier. The sun is trying to peek out. We got more snow from these snowbands than we did from the last storm. Go figure.

    • Cliff,

      Thanks for the report! You aren’t done with the snow yet…another band or two will sweep through your area. I think forecasting lake effect snow can be the most rewarding or frustrating part of my job. I have plenty of experience with lake effect snow…my first job as a Meteorologist was in Marquette, MI. I saw some of the craziest lake effect snows ever living there. My first winter produced 272″ of snow!

      Keep us updated Cliff!


  2. Thanks Jeremy, I was hoping we were finished with these snow bands…any idea when it will quit?

    • Once the surface and mid-level winds all go northwest. Probably later this afternoon…maybe where you are at after 3-4pm. Send a final total when it stops.


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