Goodbye Snow

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Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog! What a beautiful early March day across the region. The sunshine sure makes temperatures feel warmer than the mid to upper 30s that most areas are experiencing.

In today’s blog we are going to begin saying goodbye to a very deep snowpack across the nation’s mid-section and also discuss how this winter will go down in the record books for some parts of southern Wisconsin. Also, new to the weather blog is a daily poll question. Here’s how it will work. Each day that I create a blog I will post a poll question(assuming the weather is relatively quiet). Vote in the poll and then look for the results and answer to the question in the next day’s blog…simple! Look for the poll at the bottom of each blog entry.

Now onto ‘the big melt 2010’. Highs in the 40s and sunshine will doom the most well built snowman or the deepest snowpile. Our snowpack basically arrived in early December this winter and has been with us through March. Areas rigth near the lake have had brief breaks and bare ground at times this winter, but this has not been the case for inland locations.

A great way to guage the snow pack across the Midwest is to look at a visible satellite image on a clear day. A visible satellite uses the sun’s light to take a picture of the earth. Once the sunsets this type of satellite can not be used…since it is dark out.

Below is a visible satellite picture from around 2:10pm on Thursday. Sometimes people say a picture is worth a thousand words…certainly the case with this image. A few things of note…the white areas represent snow over land masses. I labeled an area of deep snow that still exists in parts of Minnesota, the Dakotas, and Iowa. The snow/no snow line is also labeled over Illinois. Then, an area of no snow exists Kansas, parts of Missouri and Illinois. This is where the dark color appears. One other thing of note…look at Green Bay(the water)…the Bay is frozen and that is why it appears as a white color.

While our snow melts away in southern Wisconsin it has been a memorable winter in Madison.  The snow pack as of the morning of March 4 measured 6″ at the Dane County Regional Airport.  This put the streak of consecutive days with 1″ or more of snow on the ground in Madison at 88 days.  This streak has now cracked the top ten!  It is possible that the streak could make it to #7?  It will be a race against time with highs in the 40s the next few days.

1 118 3/20/1979
2 116 3/17/1986
3 110 3/19/2008
4 105 3/24/1962
5 98 3/13/2001
6 93 3/13/1971
7 91 3/20/1978
7 91 2/26/1943
7 91 3/11/1910
10 89 3/1/1991
10 89 3/3/1951
12 88 3/9/1917
12 88 Current streak since Dec 7th 2009

Here in Milwaukee it is safe to say that outside of snowpiles…our snow should be pretty much gone sometime next week.  That was not the case one year ago!  On March 2, 2009 lake effect snow buried Milwaukee.  The snow set a daily snowfall record…now the question is how much fell?

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog!

Jeremy Nelson


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