Half & Half Weekend…Thin Ice Ahead

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Here comes the weekend! Thank you for spending a few minutes with us today on the Weather Watch 12 blog. Don’t forget to take the daily poll question at the end of the blog. In this entry we will discuss our weekend rain chances and look ahead to next week.

Another outstanding day across Southeast Wisconsin on Friday as we enjoyed 100% sunshine! Due to the lake breeze Milwaukee fell just shy of 40 degrees. Some inland location did touch 40 though. I think over the weekend as the wind begins to shift more off the land versus the chilly water…highs will be in the low 40s in all areas.

If you loved the weather on Friday you should enjoy the first half of the weekend. More sunshine and seasonably mild temperatures are on the way. By Sunday skies will turn mostly cloudy to cloudy as a weak upper level disturbance heads our way. Sometime during the afternoon an area of drizzle or light rain will be possible.

Below is the 12Z forecast from the NAM. This is valid for Sunday afternoon. I think it will be warm enough for this to fall as liquid…but if there would be a brief period of steady rain, a sleet or ice pellet may mix in.

After this weak system passes by dry weather should take hold for Monday. The larger storm for Tuesday/Wednesday of next week has been all over the place on the models the past several days. Today’s run has some rain showers across our area during this timeframe. For now I’ve added a chance of rain for Tuesday into Wednesday as highs look to be around 40 or above.

The combination of highs in the 40s and chances or rain spell bad news for ice conditions on area lakes. The ice fishing season is quickly coming to an end. One ice fishing milestone is quickly approching…the law requiring the removal of ice shanties from Wisconsin Lakes. Here are the details courtesy of the DNR.

MADISON – The first of a number of deadlines for ice anglers to remove ice fishing shelters from inland and boundary waters is this weekend. The Sunday following March 1 for waters south of Highway 64 and after the first Sunday following March 12 for waters north of Highway 64. For 2010, those dates are:

  • Sunday, March 7 for waters south of Highway 64.
  • Sunday, March 14 for waters north of Highway 64.

One exception to this rule is that on the Fox river downstream from the DePere dam in Brown County, ice fishing shelters must always be removed from the ice daily and when not in use.

After these dates for removing ice fishing shelters from a frozen lake or river, an angler may continue to use a portable shelter but must remove it daily and when it is not occupied or actively being used.

Failure to remove a shanty or ice fishing shelter by these deadlines could result in a forfeiture of $263.10. Additional costs may be incurred if the DNR must arrange to have the shanty removed or if the shanty or ice fishing shelter breaks through the ice and must be recovered and disposed of.

If you are ice fishing this weekend…please be careful!  Now on to our poll question.  First, in yesterday’s poll I asked how much lake effect snow just over a year ago in Milwaukee on March 2. It was a record shattering event! A majority of you(66%) got the answer correct…14.2″!

In today’s question we are looking for our last 40 degree day in Milwaukee…how many days ago do you think it was?

Have a great weekend and make sure to share your thoughts or questions in the comments section of the blog! Have a great weekend and WISN 12 News for the latest updates!

Jeremy Nelson


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