Finally 40s…Wet Days Ahead

***Watch WISN 12 News this weekend for the most accurate forecast!***

Happy weekend bloggers!  Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog.  Weather conditions were nearly perfect for early March on Saturday!  Sunshine and light winds made for a beautiful day! 

The high temperature in Milwaukee on Saturday was 42 degrees…this finally ended our string of consecutive days without a 40 at 41 days!  If you took the poll question yesterday which asked how many consecutive days has it been since the temperature was in the 40s?  And answered 41…you were correct!  75% of our pollsters got the answer correct.  A new poll question is at the end of this blog entry.

Let’s take a moment to look back at Saturday afternoon.  All of southeast Wisconsin enjoyed low 40s during the afternoon, but one area well to our north actually hit 50 degrees!  Marquette, MI in the U.P. reached the low 50s for a daytime high. 

Below is the surface map from around 2pm Saturday afternoon.

On the map above the areas with the blue, green, or red circles that are filled in represent areas with cloudy skies.  If an observation station is reporting light rain like some of these are… two dots ‘..’ will be next to the colored in circle.  The weak storm to our west will bring Milwaukee a chance of a few sprinkles or a patch light rain shower on Sunday.  Rain amounts in southeast Wisconsin should stay anywhere from nothing to maybe a couple one hundredths or so.  Not much is expected. 

A larger and much wetter storm will take aim at our region from Tuesday thru Thursday of this week.  This storm is currently bringing rain to southern California…which is messing with the Oscar preparations.  By Tuesday afternoon we will watch as rain spreads back into our area. 

I mentioned this appears to be a wetter storm.  Some parts of our area could see a half inch or more of rain!  With temperatures in the 40s and rain expected, our snow should melt away quickly this week.  Below is the rainfall forecast from the 18Z GFS.  This is an accumulated precipitation map from late Tuesday to Thursday Night.  This forecast has extreme southeast Wisconsin picking up 0.75″ to 1.00″ of rain!

Here is a close up of Wisconsin…just use the legend on the map above.

This face of this storm will change some between now and Tuesday, but it does look like we should pick up a decent amount of moisture across most of southern Wisconsin.  If you put your rain guage out for this event please post your rain totals in the comments section of the blog.

Jeremy Nelson


2 Responses

  1. Thank-you guys for the great weather this weekend. I guess everyone is out enjoying since no one posted. It will be nice to have rain instead of snow this coming week. I’m thinking it’s gonna hit 50 this week…I can feel it!

  2. “For Southeast Wisconsin the most active part of the first half of March should occur between March 7-12. If we are going to see a snow of 3″ or more or see some rain/sleet around it would be in this time window.”

    Start thinking blends of past cycles. This time through has elements of Jan, but more like Nov based on jet location.

    Simply amazing. BTW, in the NSSW conference in Norman a few days ago, found some SOOs and folks in a few different WFOs that whole heartedly see and agree with the LRC.

    Jeremy – should you have some time, do some numerical 500mb height analysis. We experimented with a LRC “blend” of past cycles to create an ensemble trend. It was amazing to see what happened when compared to the GFS.

    I think you know how it ended…lol

    Keep up the great work!

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