Goodbye sun, hello fog and rain

Sorry to take so long to get an updated blog. It has been a busy day. The bummer for me was not being able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful 50 degree day. It was the first 50 since December 1st of last year. The warm weather has led to plenty of melting snow and with the light winds and high pressure overhead fog is very likely tonight. A dense fog advisory is in effect from 9:00 PM tonight – 10:00 AM Monday for all of southeastern Wisconsin. Please be careful driving and use your low-beams in the fog.

After 5 spectacular days in a row…it is coming to an end. Two low pressure centers will slowly move by us the next few days bringing scattered showers from Tuesday night-Saturday. Take a look at the sequence on the GFS model below:

The image above is Tuesday evening. The light rain begins.

This image is for late Wednesday when we may get a break from the rain.

Thursday could bring some moderate rain for us.

Friday has more showers.

Still raining into Saturday.

Finally, on Sunday the rain moves out. You may be nervous about all the rain creating some flooding, but even though it rains off and on for quite a few days only about an inch of rain is expected. That should keep flooding fears at a minimal right now. The precipitation will be all rain the next five days as the cold air remains locked up in Canada. It may not be pretty, but you don’t have to shovel rain.

Have a great night.



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