More Fog, Weekend Rain Chances

***Watch WISN 12 News for the latest weather information this weekend!***

The weekend is here bloggers!  The dreary, damp, and at times foggy weather pattern is about to change!  The bad news is we still have to get through Saturday before conditions improve.

The past week has brought many foggy evenings, nights, and mornings to Southeast Wisconsin.  Many factors have led to this, but overall the mild and moist air that has been pushing over the cold ground and lake have led to numerous spells of dense fog.  This type of fog is known as Advection Fog.  Another round of fog will hang into early Saturday in spots.

Here is a quick graphic on how Advection Fog forms. 

The fog should ease up heading into Saturday morning as rain showers stream north.  Southeast Wisconsin is now on the northern fringe of this very slow moving storm system.  The showers should be scattered in nature early Saturday…maybe a stray shower, some drizzle, or a few sprinkles will linger into the afternoon.  But overall, Saturday afternoon will be a mostly cloudy and breezy.

The showers that we are tracking are widespread across the Midwest and Ohio Valley.  Here is a radar composite from Friday evening.

The green and yellow colors correspond the intensity of the rain.  Yellow is a ‘heavier’ rain.  If you happened to put you rain guage out this week…we would love to hear how much rain you picked up wherever you live.  Just post your total to our comments section of the blog.

Heading into next week St. Patrick’s Day looks quiet and dry right now…and fairly mild.  It should be around 50 degrees.  A few cry from the 75 from a year ago!  We will discuss much more about the weather ahead and the overall weather pattern in the coming days!

Jeremy Nelson


2 Responses

  1. Food for thought…

    • We are already experiencing some minor flooding in the usual spots. Only about a .50″ of rain over the past 4 days. A little more tonight. At least our snow is all gone now:)


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