Sunshine & Mild Weather Ahead

***Watch WISN 12 News this weekend for Milwaukee’s most accurate forecast!***

The snow is gone and the focus is now on milder days ahead!  Sunday will start cold in the 20s…the first 20s in almost 2 weeks in Milwaukee.  Along with the chilly start, some clouds will remain across Southeast Wisconsin.  These clouds are associated with the large storm spinning over the mid-Mississippi River Valley.  This storm brought parts of Missouri 5″-9″ of snow on Saturday!

The map below is a forecast map that helps to forecast cloud cover.  This indicates that at 7 a.m. some high clouds will remain across Southeast Wisconsin on Sunday.  These clouds will likely be high clouds and should thin out as the morning progresses. 

Depending on where you live…the sun will appear either during the morning or afternoon.  The first areas to see sunny skies will be Fond du Lac, Dodge, Jefferson, Sheboygan, and Washinton counties.  The sun will then spread to the southeast.  Winds will also be lighter on Sunday, so there should not be too much of wind chill to deal with.

The powerful late March sunshine on Sunday should push highs back into the low to mid 40s across much of the area.  The warmest reading will be seen where the sun is out the longest.  Below is a temperature forecast at 1 p.m. Sunday.  Notice the area of 45 degree temps across South Central Wisconsin.

Look at the Eastern Seaboard…it will be a very warm day with highs in the 60s and maybe 70s!  I’m sure after the winter that has been endured in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. they will be thrilled to see a day this warm.

For Milwaukee, our warm-up will continue into Tuesday…which I think should be the warmest day this week.  Highs then should top out in the 50s before a cold front keeps us in the 40s for the remainder of the week.

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Have a great Sunday!

Jeremy Nelson


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