Nice week ahead…especially inland

Happy Sunday everyone. Sorry Badger fans. Other than the Wisconsin loss, it has been a great day in Wisconsin. Nice to see plenty of sunshine. There is a lot of sunshine in the forecast this week along with mild temperatures.

Last weekend in my blog, I talked about the lake breeze. The lake breeze will be back for much of this week and that means highs inland will be 5-10 degrees warmer than near the lake. But what exactly does “inland” mean? Generally when talking about inland, if you live five miles or more away from Lake Michigan, you are considered inland. The lake breeze does not always behave the same way each day. Sometimes the lake breeze can make it all the way to Madison. The prevailing wind of the day makes a big difference on how far west the lake breeze will go. If it is a calm day, the lake breeze has the greatest likelihood of reaching farther inland. If there is a strong enough (10 mph or greater), wind out of the west, northwest, or southwest will keep the lake breeze from developing. This occurred on Thursday and Friday when our highs reached into the 60s all the way to the lakeshore.

Our highs on Monday and Tuesday will be greatly influenced by the lake. Monday’s high in Milwaukee will be around 45. Waukesha should make it to 53. If you live right on the lake, you will be lucky to get to 40. Tuesday will be warmer with highs around 50 near the lake and 58 inland. For those of us that live near the lake, this time of year can be frustrating. I recommend taking a trip out west a few miles to warm up.

A quiet forecast this week so I will focus on the only weather feature of note coming up next Sunday.

There is a strong low pressure center that will be affecting the midwest. Of course this far out the exact track is unknown. We will watch this closely for a chance of rain or snow for us. At this point the temperatures look to be cool enough to support snow.

The above image is the 850 millibar map for noon next Sunday. The temps at the cloud heights would certainly be cold enough to support snow. Stay tuned. Thanks for reading the blog and have a great week.



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