Wild Temperature Swings

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Brrrrrrrrrrrr…that is just one way to describe Thursday! Thank you for stopping by the Weather Watch 12 blog. Gusty northeast winds and temperatures falling into the 30s combined to make it feel like the teens to 20s during the afternoon hours. Wind gusts along Lake Michigan topped out between 35-40 mph.

It was cold in Southeast Wisconsin, but nothing compared to parts of the Great Lakes. Below is the surface map from around 2 p.m. Thursday. While it was 33 degrees in Milwaukee, it was only 15 degrees in Houghton and 19 in Marquette both in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The cold air will linger over the region for about another 24 hours.

As winds ease up by early Friday and skies become clear, temperatures will drop off quickly, especially for inland locations. This means that areas away from Lake Michigan from Fond du Lac to Brookfield to Lake Geneva will see lows in the teens, while right along the lake lows will start off in the 20-25 degree range.

After a cold start a chilly day will follow on Friday with highs again in the 30s. But just as quickly as temperatures dropped, they will warm back up next week. Right now it looks like from Tuesday to possibly Friday highs will top out somewhere in the 60s!

Below is a surface map for next Thursday from the 12Z GFS. I labeled areas across the nation’s mid-section that will see highs in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Right now I would say there is a chance that some parts of southern Wisconsin could see highs around 70 next week! I know next Thursday is April 1…but this is no joke:)

Along with the warm conditions I would expect fairly breezy conditions as week progresses. The black lines on the map above are isobars, and the closer they are the greater the wind speed. With the isobars packed together and warmer air surging north this should result in several breezy and warm days.

So hang in there, it is cold now, but much warmer weather arrives next week. For the latest forecast updates make sure to watch WISN 12 News, and also join us on Facebook at WeatherWatch 12

Have a great day!

Jeremy Nelson


8 Responses

  1. Start keeping tabs of these synoptic patterns thinking about Spring time thermodynamics. It am thinking those in Vortex 2 may have a busy season if they can keep up.

    The warm up will be nice, but there is a wind of change showing up in the later part of the first week of April. Time to watch the AO again. The 12Z captures it…the MJO has it, but the GFS model for the AO progs is missing it. Certainly, we would know what the LRC would suggest…

    For your Spring forecast, you could probably use your Feb/March forecast again, and tweak it for seasonal changes.


    • I will put out a general forecast for April and May probably next Tuesday. If bloggers have been following the LRC since I introduced it in December…they could probably make the same forecast. The question for severe weather this far north is when will warm air accompany the moisture. The middle of next week clearly fits the pattern from late November.


      • Provided that the upper air and shear components are good, 800-1500 j/kg CAPE will get you spinning….

        It is amazing how clear the LRC is this year. Take a peek at the AO trend for the last 90 days, it mirrors it very nicely. In fact, it does so back to August.

        As a side note, I am looking forward to August already as I think I can prove each year’s LRC starts in August. Not sure we will be able to forecast using it until October, however…

  2. Ripon’s stats

    High….. 41
    Low…. 33 (present temp as of 5:30 PM)

    • Jim,

      Thanks for the report!


  3. Thanks for the post, Jeremy…. Hey sometime you should give your take on global warming and what you do and don’t believe about it. Do you have strong opinions on it?

    • Dan,

      I have not done enough research myself and read enough case studies to give a solid argument either way. That is likely one topic you will not see me blog about now or in the near future:)


  4. Jeremy, that is smart of you to avoid the global warming debate. It has gotten way to political. Although one of your contemporaries over at Channel 4 believes in global warming. : )

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