Get Ready For The 70s!!!!!

March has been an amazing month if you like mild weather. Our overall March temperature is 4.2 degrees above average. That is going to be going up with the very warm week ahead. March started like a lamb and it is going to end that way as well. We have received less than an inch of snow and we average 7.4 inches in March.

The last 70 degree temperature in our area came back on November7th when it was 71 degrees. The seventies are quite likely on Thursday and Friday and we will be close on Wednesday. The sunshine should be out all week. We will be a little cooler near the lake on Monday and Tuesday before the wind begins to turn to the southwest. That is the ideal wind direction for soaring spring temperatures. The southwest wind will be fairly strong on Thursday and Friday, but that should keep the lake breeze at bay.

The above image is from the GFS computer model for Thursday afternoon. The wind direction is key for everyone to warm into the 70s. If the wind is too much out of the south, the lake will actually influence the wind direction and turn it a little to the southeast.

This image is for Friday afternoon. The cooler air west will be associated with clouds and showers that will eventually move into our area on Saturday and Sunday.

Enjoy the true taste of spring this week. Thanks for reading the weather blog.



6 Responses

  1. Hey Mark, when are we going to see you do a LRC blog entry?


    • I had to give it a full season. I’m still learning and don’t want to jump in until the water temperature is just right.

  2. The LRC’s over hyped. Weather patterns have cycled the same way since the beginning of time. The end.

    • Nicole,

      I certainly have not over-hyped the LRC. Truth be told, my first experience with the LRC started this winter. If, as you say, the weather patterns have cycled this way forever, why are long-range forecasts notoriously vague and often wrong. After one winter with watching the LRC pretty closely, I would say there is definitely some merit to it. Thanks.


  3. I know you haven’t overhyped it. I was talking to the dude who posted before you. Maybe I should’ve kept it at the Kansas City blog, but being that people here talk about it constantly, I get tired of hearing about it.

    I think people over here hype it too much. I don’t think anyone up there will, but people over here don’t need to bug anyone over there about it.

    So, yeah. Thanks. I’ll shut up.

    • Nicole,

      I continue to use the LRC and show bloggers how it can be used to forecast long range. It isn’t overhyped, but very likely two of my blogs this week will touch/reintroduce the LRC again. Any and all comments about the weather are welcome…even those about the LRC.


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